Fully Framed Shower Screen

We know that details are important in good design and at Solid Glass we ensure you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. So if you want the latest in shower screen design, yet still retain the good looks and functionality of a classic screen, then you’re ready for a fully framed model from Solid Glass Fully Framed Shower Screens Range.

  • A small bathroom can often mean having to compromise on the size of the shower recess, so that there is enough room to swing open the door without hitting the basin, toilet or bathroom door.
  • Solid fully framed range has smoothly rounded corners and uses contoured profiles to eliminate dirt and soap traps
  • Available in a range of standard colors or a customized color to suit your bathroom décor, the Solid Glass frame will add color and define the shower recess within the bathroom.
  • Available in a range of standard and made to measure, the Solid Glass can be fitted to all new and most existing bathrooms.
  • Solid Glass’s team of professionally trained installers guarantees professional installation and optimum performance.

Mechanism Available To Choose