All Solid Glass products are warranted for parts for a period of two (2) years from the date of installation, except for products which are used in a commercial application, which are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days.  The warranty is subject to terms and conditions as follows :-


The goods shall be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and free from defects stated in clause 3 (i). SOLID GLASS  warrants that the goods are free from faulty workmanship and operating failure from accessories part only. SOLID GLASS does not warrant any damages of aluminium frame, glass panel, panel sheet* arising from
i)Breakage and/or scratches.
ii) Normal tear and wear.
iii)Purchase, Repair, Removal, Alteration, Delivery and/or Installation from a person/party not authorized by SOLID GLASS.
iv)Defects resulting from use of accessories that do not conform to SOLID GLASS specification.
v) Weather, acts of God. vi)Fault or failure arising from accident, misuse, wrong application or any manner of tempering and damaging to the goods by the customer.
  1. Shower Screen products are not 100% leak free. Water, especially pressurized water sprayed directly on hinge and components leak.
  2. The customer shall be responsible to SOLID GLASS for any extra costs (which term shall include actual costs and imputed costs for transportation and workmanship, product amendment, storage, handling or demurrage) incurred by SOLID GLASS as a result of failure of customer to take delivery and installation of the goods at the time, site specification and place specified.
  3. SOLID GLASS will not be responsible for additional charges of hanging, painting or other construction charges arising from the installation, alteration and/or replacement of SOLID GLASS products.
  4. SOLID GLASS has the rights to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
  5. Original copy of bill must be presented for warranty repair.
  6. Transportation fee will be charge indeed repair need be do after installation done.
*Panel sheets include tempered glass, laminated glass, acrylic, polystyrene, fibered glass, color board and other materials used in SOLID GLASS products.


This warranty constitutes the entire written warranty given by SOLID GLASS. No person, dealer or their agent or employees are authorized to extend or amend this warranty on behalf of SOLID GLASS by written or verbal statement or advertisement or promotion, including any extended warranty program or plan that may offered by dealer or agent, unless approved by SOLID GLASS.


SOLID GLASS disclaims any responsibility for the use of the product, incidental or consequential damage to the other products or goods, or any inconvenience caused.


When applying for the warranty repairs, you must present the original copy of the bill/s of sale or receipt as proof of warranty, so we recommend that you keep in a safe place, should they be required in the future.