Q1. Laminated safety glass products, are they easily breakable?
Anything which is made from glass can be broken. All laminated glass manufactured by Solid Glass has gone through a glass annealing process, whereby glass are harder compare to standard glass.
Q2. What are the glass thicknesses available?
We utilize glass thickness of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Other glass thickness can be considered on market availability.
Q3. How easy is a 10mm frameless shower screen to maintain?
Extremely easy and there is the added bonus of no dirt catches or frames etc.
Q4.What is the lead time to installation of my 10mm frameless shower screen?
You should allow 10 working days from the time of final/check measure. The installation of a 10mm frameless shower screen is a two part process.
Q5. Should I plan for my shower screen before I build or renovate my bathroom?
Yes, you should plan your shower screen before you build or renovate your bathroom. Deciding the shower screen model which suites your needs before you build or renovate allows you to plan your bathroom designs to accommodate our shower screen standard packages to save costs. Make sure you examine the base dimensions so you can plan your bathroom around our shower screen packages. Otherwise you will need to order a custom shower screen,
Q6.Do I need to use a Support Bar or a Corner Bracing Shelf?
It depends on the model shower screen. Some shower screens has the door hinged off the wall, it is not necessary to use the Support Bar or the Corner Bracing Shelf. Other models have a door hinged off another fixed panel of glass, with these models we highly recommend you do choose the Support Bar System or the Corner Bracing Shelf.
Q7.How do I minimize the water from leaking outside of my frameless shower screen?
Due to the nature of frameless shower screens, creating a completely water tight seal is impossible. There will always be gaps between and around glass panels. However if you do experience excessive water leakage, additional PVC/Vinyl Profiles are available for purchase which will help to minimize the leakage.
Q8. What do you classify as a custom shower screen?
We considers custom shower screens as a design which requires custom panels, which are panels that must be ordered from a local glass manufacturer. Therefore we try to minimize the cost of your custom shower screen by using as many of our stock panels.