If you are looking for a durable, functional and having space constraint, the Solid Glass Bi-fold door is the most suitable and practical choice. Solid Glass Bi-fold door has been the most popular choice for limited space area and it saves half of the space needed for a door to swing open.

This bi-fold door designed with aluminum frame either original anodized or powder-coated in more than 20 colors. The high quality and thick aluminum frame together with its environmental friendly aluminum composite panel, acrylic panel, polystyrene sheet, fiberglass and laminated safety glass are suitable for consumer with young kids at home. By the way, the panel design can come as plain, lattice, with louvers or there are 2,000 fiberglass designs to suit your taste. Sliding door always applies in kitchen or bathroom due to space limitation.


Popular Application For

Solid Glass Bi-fold door is complete with designed acrylic sheet which is not easily is corrosion-proof, easy to maintain and installĀ  without damaging the surrounding walls. The unique seamless folding design will protect your finger because Solid Bi fold door is simply user friendly. With its dual track support and safety feature, along with an infinite combination of colors and schemes, even in the most conservative please will make you feel extravagant.

  1. Bathroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Store Room

Bi-Fold Design


Acrylic Panel Color

Mechanism Available To Choose

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